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Corrie Kinkel
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Hi everybody, here is my project #4 at last. I’m not entirety happy with the result but it will have to do for now! I spend a whole evening looking for other kits on the internet and found some I liked on PixelScrapper but I defenitifly must go back there and browse some more. You see the kit provided for this project did not appeal to me, it didn’t go well with the idea I had in mind. I wanted to make something to cheer us up in this difficult Covid-19 world.

Annie thank you for your kind comments, so encouraging!!!

CaroleĀ the problem on the #3 project with the glitter tile was not in making the tile itself , and I used the glitters you gave us, but with the floodfilling of it. I didn’t get the pattern in the materials palette at first. I think I had the sequence of the commands wrong, but in the ennd I got there.