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James, you still have time! Good start on your project. The small text has some outline but I think it would make it easier to read without an outline. Large text like on the title, is ok with an outline.

Jackie, who is that little girl? Your text is a bit hard to read because you added a shadow. On a full size project it MIGHT be easier to read but typically, stories and journaling are easier to read without shadows.

Denise, yes the Mode is important for the Magic Wand to work as expected. You are not the first one to have the exact same challenge. I should be mindful to mention that detail that is puzzling a lot of new users! Don’t worry about having projects that would be “too close” to what I show. That is how you will learn and practice. And then, even experienced scrappers will do what is called “scraplifting” where they would replicate another layout they saw in a gallery or others. Inspiration is not always there when one wants to create a page!

Liese, I see you took a picture of a picture. Do you see how it is a little bit off as far as perspective? It is normal to take a photo at an angle because if you are straight in the front, you would typically get a reflection of some kind especially if you were to use a flash. There is a way to straighten those photos. Check out this tutorial (I did the exact same thing with a painting from my father-in-law).

Minka, sometimes, non-typical color schemes for a particular theme could make a great impression. Although I would not have thought of using green for nautical, the blue does work very well, and then, the green matches with the blue so I find it well balanced. The fact that you changed your mind with the outline on the title is one of those advantages of digital scrapbooking: you can change your mind with no waste of supplies!

Trish, that definitely needs concentration to read. Maybe a white title would make it stand out a bit more. I actually didn’t realize there was a title until you had mentioned it. You know, a monochrome or black and white would typically include also greyscale. Maybe it would have been easier? To answer your question about rotating, you have to know that once you rotate something, you will start losing some details. That will happen with every subsequent rotation so that is also important to undo when you want to adjust instead of adding more rotation. The best way I found to do a precise rotation is two-fold: using the Straighten tool, place the guide along the edge you want to get horizontal and check the Angle value in the toolbar, then use that value to set the Rotation.

Yvan, tu as de superbes photos! Tu pourrais certainement faire tout un album pour les afficher, et avec une petite histoire sur chacun, tu as peut-être même une autre business au bout des doigts! Tu constateras que tu n’es pas le seul francophone dans le Campus!

Dee, you are doing good. Did you just take long to start or did you get stuck somewhere along the way? From the sandwich you posted, it looks like you are getting along pretty well so far or you managed whatever obstacle you faced. Looking forward to your next projects.

ScrapRic, that is such a cute photo to showcase!!!  You should show him that layout!

Now that all the tutorials have been posted, you still have time to catch up or tweak your existing projects. Remember that if you manage to post 4 out of 5 projects by Monday night, your name will be entered into the random draw for great prizes.