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Dorothy Donn
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They announced the first case in Norfolk this morning and last week the first couple in Virginia Beach. The gentleman in Norfolk recently returned from overseas (Norfolk is a large Naval Base town) and the couple just returned from a river boat cruise on the Nile.  The outbreak to the north of me in Williamsburg is in nursing home with about 17 folks infected.  I am self isolating since I have age, (also 77) previous conditions of stroke, heart attack and breathing problems of asthma, bronchitis, and copd.

I sent John to the stores to stock up on food and meds on March 2 when hardly anyone was thinking about what might happen here so we should be fine.  We also withdrew some cash from the bank just in case it does get really bad, but then again I am too used to hurricanes and know the break downs that can raise their ugly heads afterwards.

Did I ever mention waking up to a tiger in my backyard after Hurricane Andrew?   We lived just under a mile from the Miami Zoo back then.  After that storm a lot of South Florida folks moved here to Virginia Beach. Same weather conditions here thanks to the Gulf Stream.

May I wish you all well as we the world  keep pushing forward towards a better day.