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trish williams
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We the over 70’s are quarantined, have to isolate ourselves,  easy for me as I have been housebound still christmas, just the shopping is a problem, the support I had has disappeared, as they can no longer visit me, and supermarkets delivery’s are booked for 3 weeks, I have manged to get a slot for the 4th, but there shelves for what I need are sold out.  The streets are empty outside and the schools shut down on Friday.  Its Mothers day here on Sunday, so many mothers will miss there visit from there children  Even the TV programme have ceased filming, so all our soaps are being stretched out over a longer period, twice a week instead of everyday to make the ones recorded last longer.

Heard from my cousin in Spain today, everything is closed down except supermarkets and pharmacy’s, which like us is limited on supply’s, they to are in lockdown, thankfully my cousin still has his career as he has Huntingdon’s ,  the streets there are patrolled by guards and the police, and those found outside have to prove they have a good reason for doing so.