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Trish, what page are you referring to? A Campus page or a scrapbook page on your PSP?

James, that is a good tip to save your workspace once you have it set up the way you want. This way, if something gets messed up, you can always recover it. One additional tip I would like to offer is to save your workspace with the version number in the name, so that, later, you don’t accidentally try to load it on a different version. And also, to keep your copy safe, save it in a different folder than one that was created upon installation: in case you need to uninstall PSP, those folders MIGHT be removed or overwritten, and then, you would lose that workspace. As for your sandwich, you are eating on the picnic table?

Denise, I bet the tube was placing one image per layer, right? For your problem 1, what did you try to change the color? Did you use the Adjust > Hue and Saturation > Hue/Saturation/lightness ? Although it is not the only way to change a color that is one common tool. If you used that and it didn’t work, it is possible that you had a selection somewhere (even a single pixel) that would have changed color but too small for you to see it. If that happens again, use Ctrl-D (to deselect everything) and try again. Interestingly, it happened to me just yesterday, and it had me puzzled until I figured it out. For the Problem 2, usually, if you check and uncheck the Tabbed Documents, it can work, but on occasion, it is like one (or some) image will go hide under one of the palettes on the side. In that case, yes, checking the Cascade would do the trick. It is a little annoying as they will ALL overlap and you have to move them, but at least, they all show up.

Corrie, what problem did you have with the glitter tiles? Did you use the tiles available for download and had issues installing them or did you try to create them yourself and that was the issue?

Charles, glad you are starting, even if it is late. One thing I notice with your project is that you have your shadows in a different direction than what we typically see. On the other hand, it is all consistent with each other which is the important part. I think you can use a smaller offset for the shadow as it gives the impression that the photos and the letters are somewhat floating off the paper. That is only a small adjustment since those elements are expected to be flat on the support. Is that a building you visited?

Lee, that is a fun layout. I guess the darker background does not show the shadows much, which is ok, as that is the way it would be in real life too. For the little scattered nuts, I think it would look good if some of them were appearing on top of the photos as it would look scattered after the photo is glued. If you end up with some elements in the “wrong” place on a photo, you can always erase them, one by one.

Cindy, you are definitely having fun now! The one detail I would suggest is in the layering of the top flower. It seems like the little nuts would not stick very well on top of a flower. You could arrange the flower on top of the nuts? And no, you were not the first one, as Lee posted one just before you 🙂

Jackie, did you sew those dresses??