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Denise Mueller
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Wow Carole, what a day!  I spent hours trying to make the butterfly with picture tubes.  I tried to do it on my own, but ended up with 216 layers!  So I then went to your webinar on picture tubes.  A big help.  I must say I learned a lot today.  It would be nice if now I would remember everything I saw.

Problem 1:  I tried changing the color on the 2 small horizontal rectangles as they blended too easily with the background.  No way could I do it.  I guess in hindsight, I should have tried changing the background color instead.

Problem 2:  I could not see all of my images or the title of them.  I must have clicked on something.  I kept having to go to Window – cascade… to find the image I was working on to copy on my project.

Butterfly:   I went to Pixel scrapper to get most of the stuff, including an outline of a butterfly.  I then inverted the butterfly image and used a picture tube to put glitter on the outside (this time without 216 layers).  I then inverted the image again and deleted the butterfly.   I was left with only the outline with glitter.  Pretty cool.   Saw it in your webinar.

Thanks for keeping me so busy on this blustery day!