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Annie, your project shows how one does not need a ton of embellishments to make a balanced page! Happy to see those tutorials in use!

Trish, what might have happened to your computer? Is someone else using it? I like how you used a photo as a background paper. It matches well without overpowering it.

Lynda, that seems like a lot of water! It is amazing how a river can change in a few days! I like those little droplets. They are perfect for that layout! That tip about adding and removing selections can make that tool so versatile too! Glad you learned that. It seems like the sandwich is a favorite exercise of all the tutorials I have in the Campus!

Cindy, I am glad to see that you noticed how the image was slightly distorted. At least knowing it, you chose to play with the end result and that is the fun part! Looking at your layout, it seems like you are really getting more comfortable with PSP.

Jackie, that is a fun layout. I hope you are safe at home. Quarantine is no fun but at least, you have PSP and a whole family here to share work or thoughts.