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Lynda, what a great trip you are inviting to!

Denise, you are doing great if you are new to scrapbooking, or PSP, your shadows are well used.

Liese, in order to make a placemat or a tablecloth, you can simply add a new layer, make a rectangular selection and fill with a color or a pattern you can find in the Materials palette, under the Patterns tab. And yes, you posted your work correctly.

Mary, this is project #1, correct? Your arrangement for the project is great. If you were to add some shadows, it would give a more 3D look. Give it a try since you must still have the .pspimage format, right?

Corrie, as a first project, it is a great start. And even if you are starting late, it is ok. You still have a whole week before the end so you will have plenty of time to catch up. And yes, with this Covid-19 situation, it is a good time to stay home, stay indoors and enjoy this new hobby.

Sharon, this is a fun story. Have you considered adding that to your project? Such stories make the whole layout even more interesting than photos alone can. And thanks for the welcome in the grandma club! 🙂

Watch out for the next project, #3, tomorrow.

And if you are still just lurking, come on and join. It is not too late!