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Lynda, a nice way to focus on a small section of a larger image!

Lee, that bed looks so inviting!

Diana, I am glad you are getting excited about picture tubes. They are such misunderstood tools of PSP!

Jackie, that is a great picture you have showcased in the first layout! I think that if you were to add some shadows to your elements, it would give a more 3D effect. Check out the end of the video about the shadows. For the second one, you have some elements with shadows, but others without. Consistency is key. And yes, you did post correctly in the right place.

Trish, nice photo to showcase. You should include that story ON the layout too!

Cindy, you seem to really be getting the hang of it! I am glad to see you enjoying the process instead of banging your head on your computer! 🙂

Annie, you can also add that story on the layout itself. Who knows who will want to look at it and wonder who it is or where it was?

Shirley, this is a really fun story to tell through those photos!!! Great layout.

Liese, it is ok to start a bit late. You should have time to catch up.