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Diana Craft
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Good Evening my Friends, I finally made it in and it is so good to see friendly, familiar faces, I’ve missed you all.  I was able to get back in to joing you finally  and finished my sandwich and table setting.  I read from Carol that whe didn’t want us to do too much beyond the lesson itself so as not to scare the newer PaintShopPro’ers, but I couldn’t resist just s tad.I’ve been having a difficult time keeping my layers straight and my old brain  doesn’t retain much very will any more, I used to think of myself as a quick study, but alas! No More!  But I am determined to learn the 2020, all of it.  I had the old Jasc 7 for years and I’ve learned more with Carole in these past weeks than all that time struggling. If you watched the tube video you probably saw what I saw, but had never seen before? (Boy, try saying that 3 time quickly.)  But, now that I have seen it I have been having such fun.  It tickles my funnybone to kearn anything new that really interests me.