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Shirley, a nice nautical theme page. That is a nice way to showcase a special photo.

Cindy, I knew you would get more comfortable after some practice. Now, you can enjoy the process more instead of swearing at the computer 🙂

ScrapRic, I am happy to see someone using an older version of PSP and still showcase as great a result as you did!

Annie, it is interesting how you created a “hole” to frame the journaling!

Denise, as a first scrapbook project, you started very well. Even if you follow very closely, using different supplies the result is completely unique.

Trish, that is also a “new kid on the block”!! Great photo for the time. I know we don’t often have such old pictures!

Minka, those birds are so great. Did you add ALL of them or were some in the picture already? I think you might have forgotten the shadow on the rope. Is this possible?

Fiona, is that a photo of you? In order to get more supplies, there is a series of resources HERE. There are plenty of free kits and elements you can grab there.

Where are our silent participants? Come on. You can still catch up!