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Colleen:  In response to your #1 question  I use textures for chrome and silver. Just open a texture in Paint shop Pro and  I park it aside.  Then go into your material palate and use the pattern, then you can play with the settings to make it bigger or smaller, twist and turn it etc. Then you can use the selection tool to pick the area you want the chrome etc and flood fill it with the texture.

The other suggestion is Super Blade Pro. It takes longer but it performs well in small areas for me like on  jewelry trim.

I sure hope these suggestion helps you .


PS some samples for flooring etc.


Thank you for the reply! And thanks for your suggestions, I’ll have to play around with it.

I did download a trial version of Super Blade Pro a couple weeks ago, but it is way too slow for me and just frustrates me. It doesn’t help that my computer is about 8 yrs old, so I definitely don’t want more slowing it down.

Thank you for posting your samples, those look great!