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Colleen, sorry I had not seen your questions go through. Thanks for the reminder.

Question 1: I think the definition of “foil” can vary so you can possibly find tutorials to end up with different results. I can look into it. I know that Mura’s Meister plugin also has a “cloud” option (although you can create something using the Brush Variance palette and the Brush tools, plus lots of blur). As for the glass effect, I think that an overlay might be needed, but I’ll investigate.

Question 2: Although this is not free, I would recommend that you get Filter Forge when you have a chance. It often comes on sale for 80% off. Once you have the plugin, you can download thousands of individual filters. Get the Standard edition if you have a chance.

Question 3: Seamless tiling will depend on the design. With wood design, it is a bit harder. You can try with the native PSP Seamless tiling but it has some drawbacks. Usually, if I create a wood grain texture, I will create it as large as I need it to avoid seams.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for getting back with me & I’m sorry for my delayed response back to you.

– Regarding question 1, thanks, I will try playing around with different settings. What do you mean about maybe needing to use a glass overlay? I mean, I understand what an overlay is, but are you saying that I should look for a glass overlay to use?

– With question 2, I’ve been looking at Filter Forge, and will most likely get that. I downloaded a trial of Super Blade Pro, but it slows everything down too much & frustrates me. I hope Filter Forge is better.

– For question 3, what is native PSP Seamless tiling? I see a seamless tiling option under Effects – is that what you’re referring to?  Also, were my eyes playing tricks on me, or did you have a tutorial on seamless tiling at one point?