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Shirley, that is quite a sandwich. I actually had to look at it twice to realize what it was! Very creative!

Annie, what are you drinking on that lunch? Is that a latte?

Mary, did you also have a chance to set the table? You would not want to make a mess on the table! 🙂

Denise, looking forward to see your projects. You made the correct choice to save as jpg as it is a smaller file than PNG and pspimage would not upload in the forum.

Lynda, is that a place you have visited directly?

Sharon, I thought I recognized that alpha! I think you might have forgotten to add the shadows on the beads (or hid the layer). Is that possible? And just a hint: those beads were create unusually large by the designer, so if you were to size them down, they would look more realistic (imagine those beads on a 12 inches page!). And if you size them down, you can even duplicate that layer and have more tiny beads. Just a suggestion.