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Just a couple of birthday cards I made this week. (Kind of a forced creative inspiration 🙂 )

On the one for Anne, I used a free cluster from AngelDesignz. Added a pink background, duplicated it, and applied a texture. (I tend to duplicate layers before I do something to it.) I used a circular selection to delete the texture under the cluster so the plain pink shows through. Then I Selected All, Contracted by 50 and Expanded by 15. Next was Effect: Geometric: Circle choosing white for the color. Deselected, then selected the white portion, changed it to pink, and added an inner bevel to the selection. Sometimes I just go through different effects that I’m not familiar with and stumble across something I like. The font is Chietah.

On Michele’s card, I used papers and a butterfly from Lady DG Scrap’s portion of a Blog Train. Used one of Cassel’s floral corner punches on the top layer. Then I used her Bow 9 script. The font is Riviera Signature.

I’m not always this wordy, but I know we have a lot of newbies in the campus. Reading how other people created their projects really helped me when I started out and it still does.