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trish williams
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This might explain the problems some of us might have been experiencing the last few days, perhaps it wasnt google after all.
My PSP just crashed on me, and crash everything at the same time, no escape routes would take me out , all I had was a black screen, would have been helpful if the waiting sign was there,and I had to just switch of from the mains, bad new.

Switched on to the waiting sign, finally it came back on with Corel filling my screen with updates  which the lead to patches.  which I have know down loaded but not yet installed.  It gave warning to save any custom workspace etc

Hopefully Carole you can solve this one for me please, this said updates 1 & 2  but I thought we had already done that ages ago  Is this new or how can I find out if  I have already installed these.

Aside of this, and has anyone else been experiencing this,  yesterday my email box changed, giving me a new layer to open before the emails, which I went straight into before.
Then this morning on opening FB I got a notice from them to come and view the new FB layout.
Seems changes are afoot all round.
Would be greatfull of your feed back on this one x