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Annie, your Bokeh effect complements well that photo. Just a fun interpretation!

Lydia, those faint colors on the dark background make for a great Bokeh effect. For your Day 7, I love how you managed to use the shadows effectively.

Jnet, as-tu utilisé un pinceau pour le “texte” ou était-ce un papier déjà fait? Pour le Jour 6, quelle sorte de pinceau tu as utilisé pour le contour du masque?

Shutterpixi, you might have worked a lot on that background but it is very well done! I like that. Simple page and effective.

Barbara, yeah, that is what I thought that you didn’t have much space around your pets to showcase them. That final project is so cute with that photo. It is a story you might want to add to the page OR make a matching page with the story on it.

Cristina, I think that the best Bokeh effect is done when the dots are a little more blurred. For your Day 6 2-1 I would love to see the frame “seem” to go behind the legs. I think it would be fun. For your Day 7, I love that font!

Sue, did you create all those masks for the Day 7 project? They look great!

Minka, that polkadot/space invader is actually cute, and you know, you can use multiple dots for a different effect. I think you might need to add some shadows to your paintbrushes cluster to give it a little more volume. For the green Bokeh, it is VERY effective and looks magical. Your blue plaid is also well-executed. You can even change the scale when you apply it for different effects.

Trish, for that fish layout, I almost feel like it is going to jump at me!!!!

Redradar, you can also use a different color under any paper that you want to “mute down”. I have seen black used too, or any other color that might be the overall tone of the page. Also, when you have a tile made from the kaleidoscope, you can try to flood fill at a 45-degree angle for yet another effect.

Peggy, I am a little puzzled by the sundae layout. Is the row of white flowers supposed to be part of the mask? For the wire text, I wonder if you used the angle of the light in the opposite direction. It looks like the light side is on the bottom right instead of the top left. As for your Day 6 project, I really want to know more about how you knew/met your future husband that young and how you managed to meet again, online, that many years later! And thank you for that last one you posted.

Shirley, the font you used is also very nice and match your project.

Lynn, it is a great idea to use that photo in the background. Being able to create your own mask allows you to place it in the “right” place from that background image and you did it very well.