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I played with polka dots … and doubled mine up … and it came out looking like little space invaders.  I could have just taken on layer off and it would be dots, but I kind of liked them so left them.  Reminds me of the old days.  I did not use wire as this project didn’t seem like it needed wire … but going to play with wire on something else.  Inbetween times, I have been playing with the vases with the tips Cassel sent to make them seem more “rounded” … and I also went back to day number 2 and made a plaid!  Crammed a lot in today!  LOL  I am at a different house today with different computer and supplies so will only send the polka dot for now.  When I get home I’ll send a plaid.  It was easy, just like she said.  I just wasn’t grasping it all on the first go round.  Sometimes I think I do a lot better if the tv is OFF and the door is closed!  No distractions.