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redradar, are you talking about the “stamped” effects on the edges of that background paper? Have you tried leaving that layer there, and change the blend mode to show it off? I cannot say which one would show best as it would depend on the color/pattern of the paper you want to use.

Annie, you always find such interesting images to showcase!

Jnet, superbe fleur!! Et bien présentée sur cette page.

Gerry, even with little text, the settings of the Text tool can definitely be used for fun effects. That is a great page about Lynda! And your Day 3 project might be simple, but I find that simple is better to tell the story than the super busy pages I have seen in some galleries.

Shutterpixi, that is fun when you can extract elements that are real and related to your actual project. One thing I noticed is that the rope is likely upside-down; look at how the rope has a dark edge on the top right section. That would be inconsistent with light coming from the top left.

Minka, you can check out PixelScrappers and it has FREE supplies. That is a good way to start. As far as clarity when resizing to 600 pixels, you CAN try to use the Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen, but considering that there are only 600 pixels in width instead of 3600, it explains why some details will be lost. It is normal. Your “dark” project is stunning. It is great to see how the mask allows those bright colors to really shine!

Sue, it is fun to see you use those tutorials from your membership!

Cristina, your use of the mask on Day 4 is so creative!

Lydia, I totally agree with that saying: “everyone was a beginner in the first place”.

Peggy, what do you mean when you are talking about two masks on the same image? Do you mean two different photos+mask on the same project, or two different masks showing two different areas of the same photo?

Leslie, as for your title, maybe you can rearrange the layers so it would stay on top of the masked photo instead of underneath it. And yes, the Text on a path can add quite an effect to a project.

Trish, your Day 5 project looks great. You might want to either enlarge the image of the flower OR fill out the outside of the small flower image with some “filler” pattern. That should fill in the white designs that you were trying to fill.

Lynda, that black background really showcases the photo and fireworks.