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Cristina, that background is really interesting and being monochrome,  it lets the photos shine!

Jnet, I am glad you learned another trick for the text. Amazing how we can learn everywhere.

Trish, that is such a delicate layout. You have a lot of details yet it does not look crowded at all.

Barbara, it seems like you worked out the use of the mask. I think you might add some shadows to the elements on your page to give it a little more “volume”.

Sue, you also had fun with the text!

Leslie, you did great with the mask. As far as the “text” that comes with the template, it typically is rasterized when it is a psd template so you cannot edit it. But even if you could, you would likely want to change the font, the size, the color, etc. So when you see such a layer, it is just an indication where to add the text on your own.

Shutterpixi, that plaid border is a great addition to your project. And that photo is so great!

Peggy, you are doing good. It takes a while to get comfortable with masks but once you get used to them, it will be much easier (just like riding a bike).

Trish, those are beautiful flowers. Considering the volume usually associated with those flowers, you might want to consider adding a large and blurred shadow to give them that impression of volume.

Marita, this is a great result if this is your first try with masks! Looking forward to your next projects!