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Sue Thomas
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Hi Lynda, thank you for your kind comment on my photographs and page.  I’m not a professional photographer.  My bridge camera is a Panasonic FZ300, which I upgraded to from the FZ200.  The FZ300 is far superior. It’s a camera which doesn’t support zoom lenses, other than the  Raynox macro convertor lens.  The max  zoom on my camera is 600mm, with  600mm digital zoom, which I have disabled.  I have the ISO set to a max of 400.  To shoot birds I use Aperture mode, set at AFS/AFF. The  exposure metering mode is always set to  centre. I have a monopod, but rarely use is.  The majority of my shots are  taken  by hand  held only.  Focus, on my camera is set to f4.5.  Which I find is  it’s sweet spot.  For my camera I find  that  those setting, give the best results.  I always use a lens hood!   It has to purposes, one to reduce lens flare, and the other to protect the lens.  I use one to reduce lens flare, even when I take macro shots.  I hope this helps!  I’ve only ever used Panasonic bridge cameras, so I can’t speak for other makes.