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Reply To: What are you working on in February 2020?

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Diana Craft
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Wow, it sounds like everyone has been busy with such good looking projects.  I’ve been busy with tech support trying to get the extra programs that came with  PSP 2020  working.  My sweet husband had me buy the program for Valentine’s Day and I’ve been going  crazy trying to get past ERROR 87, I’m dreaming about it at night.  I’ve been playing with layers and just playing in general.  I learned how to add a pattern to letters and made an alpha in block letters with a pink roses on black background inset.  I had a lot of fun doing that, I’ve wanted to learn that for a long time.   I also got a free .png file from PHOTOSHOP-KAPONA.COM and figured out  how to turn that into picture frame and insert it into the program as a .pfr frame and it worked… lol.  But mostly. I’ve been with tech support and they still haven’t gotten two of the extra programs to load properly and my head is burned up with frustration. Now I hope to get back to working on the next mode ,only on TWO and I still haven’t been able to do the binding script, I don’t know what I am doing wrong, it seems like everything is going wrong lately, but I’ll keep plodding along.  Have fun, I love seeing what you all are accomplishing, just awesome.



P.S. Sorry, I don’t know why my earring holder loaded twice, like I said, everything seems  to be going wrong.