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Thank you so much! I really like how the candies turned out, so I appreciate yours and Trish’s opinion on it too. 🙂 I totally missed that layer styles button, so thank you for pointing it out to me. And yes, the differences between the 2 programs are frustrating to me. I’ve only been using Photoshop when I can’t find the tutorial I want for Paint Shop Pro, but for now, I think it’s best that I just focus on Paint Shop.

I have a few more questions for you, if you don’t mind.

1. When creating elements, like the peppermint candy, what size canvas is best? I remember from your bootcamp videos that it’s better to have something bigger, that can be sized down, instead of sizing up and losing clarity. Those peppermint candies I made were 500×500, but I think that might be too small for a scrapbooking page of 3600×3600. Do you have a suggestion for a good base size for elements?

2. I feel silly asking this next question, but I want to know the answer. 🙂 So, when I start a new 3600×3600 page, the heading shows that it’s being viewed at 20%, as opposed to 100%. (I zoom in when I need to see better, but I personally like working at the 20% or so) What I’m wondering is when it comes to printing out those pages, if I created everything while it’s at 20%, when it’s printed out, will everything be bigger? Does that make sense?

3. Remember when I sent you an email asking about creating drinking glasses? I took your suggestion about looking at that public domain clip art page, but I am still wanting to learn how to make them on my own. This image shows where I tried creating a glass in 2 different ways. The bigger one was making 2 ellipses and then a line on each side to connect the top and bottom. For the space in between the 2 lines and the top & bottom of that glass, is there a way to select just that area to flood fill? (The bottom glass I drew just with lines and was able to flood fill that area, so that may be the way I go with creating the glass, but I’m still wanting to know about flood filling the other way.

Thank you, and I hope you don’t mind me asking here, instead of emailing you. Or is there a better place in the forums for just questions like this?