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Hi Everyone!

Your layouts all look great! 🙂

After the bootcamp, I started making my own things for scrapbooking. I only have a few, but I wanted to get some practice on papers. Also, I found a Photoshop tutorial for making peppermint candies. Since I LOVE Christmas, I had to do it right now. 🙂  There was a step or two in the tutorial that I couldn’t do, because I didn’t know how to find it in PSP, so that will be my question at the end of this post.

Anyway, I tweaked a couple things and made these 2 mint candies. I really like how they turned out, but want the opinions of others.

Do you like them? Would you use them? Is there something else I should do?

As for my question, one of the steps was to add an adjustment layer>Bevel and Emboss. I can’t find that option in PSP. Is it located somewhere else, or do I just need to do it as a regular layer and then add the effects of bevel & emboss?

Oh also, when making elements for scrapbooking, what size should I use? I used a 500×500 canvas for these, but I’m thinking I should make them larger, so that they can be reduced in size, if someone wants to do that.

One last thing, for Cassel, I got behind on the emails that are sent out, so I’m not sure if the Basic Scrap Course was mentioned in one of those? Is there a place I can sign up for the next one?