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trish williams
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Hi Carole, I miss calculated Sues one, instead of 6 leaves I made 6 layers , 3 layers would have been much easier, but it only took ten minutes to do from an old tut I learnt from a more difficult problem years ago.  It was more difficult to do it now than it was on 7  but still simple.  The longest part was the calculations.
1 x heart  / duplicate 6 times / place guides either side and 1 in the middle/ calc between 1st and middle guides and divide by amount of layers you are using / starting with top layer using the pick tool, chose perspective / grab top node and bring across to next node, both side will come in evenly / repeat on bottom node/ go to next layer and repeat till all layers are folded in.  /add drop shadow to each layer.

I was only trying to see if it worked so didnt take it any further, bringing in the bottom layer i did vary it to form the shape, also I bought the top of each layer down, as I thought it formed a heart , but Sues’s one didnt making it more a 3D look.   Be interesting to do it again, any suggestion to improve it.  Actuallly I though it made a nice sweetheart leaf.

What I couldnt do was to put a drop shadow all round it to define the layers better,