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Reply To: BSC Module 2

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Sally, getting organized is very important. A lot of people will not bother until they are drowned in a chaos of supplies.

Here are some tips:

  1. if you get kits, keep them together: they will have matching colors and styles, making it easier to create a more cohesive project
  2. if you have separate items, start making categories to group them (fasteners, papers, frames, etc.). If needed, make sub-folders like Buttons, Staples, Stitching, Brad inside the Fasteners folder
  3. if you want to be efficient, you can rename the file names to add more descriptive words, if needed. Some designers don’t bother and simply name their files Element1, Element2, Element3, but you might want to have Button1, or Frame2, or Stitching3. Then, you can do a search for elements you want or need for your next project.

As for your layout, I don’t think the background is odd or anything like that. What I observe is that the shadows are a little strong. What settings were you using?