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Cindy, somehow, it looks like you have the Essential workspace, which is strange because if you loaded the one I sent you, it SHOULD have been the Complete. So, click on the little House icon on the very top to go to the Home page. There, you should see the option for Essential, Complete and Photography. Click on the Complete, and then, the Edit tab on top. See if you can now find the settings you are looking for.

Gerry, you can look at the Resource page for places where you can get free supplies. You can gradually build your own library that way. As for the script, yes, send me the information by email, it is fine.

Karon, that looks good. As you can see, PSP opens up so many options as you can tweak the colors to perfectly match your photos. That is one great advantage of DIGITAL scrapbooking, because, in traditional paper scrapbooking, you can’t adjust color if it is a little off!