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cindy harris
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  • Junior

Cassel, I got it done but not your way thats what buggs me. I want stuff to be like yours so I can follow you.

I thought I had to busy of papers so made couple from the busy ones thing is I had a hard time because i couldnt find the menu

whre you can flood fill like big 100 or 5 small I cant find it. Question should I turn in like this when I as in the past

didnt get there with your instructions but from hunting a way? i dont like it but I want you to know I am working on it in my

spare time from life. Really needed this though either way right now. Cause of life, its as good as my thearpy. Lol

I showed my desktop also my star dont work but if I hit run scrip folder thing it works. I want to do my work your way also

going to try some more but I wanted to see what you say. thanks cindy