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cindy harris
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  • Junior

thank you   

cassel redid it thank you put the shadow in, yes I missed that…… you rock

went 6 hours on mode 2 ill try again tomorrow… 🙁 New day right but found out, 1. that email all in or something

like that you had to resend it to me, I found it in my spam folder 🙁 that’s why I didn’t get it. But you resent it so then

I got it. 2. I see the script would be easier to use I want to get there just having so much trouble, 3 no I don’t know what

sinedot is its greek and scripts are greek. Signed up for march beginners class because i plan on buying my daughter this

program and I signed up to do it and do it with her at her house. 4 good night your awesome