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Gwen, you found a great photo to illustrate that “concentration” theme. I do suspect that you might have distorted the photo a bit. I would recommend that you read this article about resizing photos.

Lynn, you used the glitters very nicely. Did you add shadows to your project? I have a soft spot for furry friends!

Shirley, I love your cats!!! You are comfortable with the shadows, I see!

Lyn, one “odd” behavior that I have seen with the Eraser tool is to not erase correctly *IF* you have a texture in the background swatch. Removing that texture would make it work fine. I thought it was a bug but it is apparently an old feature that was no longer documented starting with version 8 (the old JASC one). Maybe that is what happened? As for the shadows, you are correct: when the paper is darker, a little more shadow would be useful.

Colleen, that would make for a good TV commercial for Bark Box!!! Your use of the paw prints as a stamp is a good idea.

Sally, that is such a fun photo!!! I see you are using a larger shadow on the frame, which is perfectly accurate since it is likely thicker than papers. You are getting that reflex now!