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Shirley, it is quite ok to change a layout. That is also what will happen when you create your own page: you will start with one idea in mind and then change something, and then something else, and you end up with a completely different result! It is ok; you are the creator anyways!

Wafi, that is a good start for the homework. Now that you have played a bit with the layers in the sandwich exercise, it should be a bit easier.

Trudie, fun layout. I think I see shadows but they seem quite faint. If you already have them, you can probably use a bit larger to add even more dimension.

Cindy, I see that photo of your dad. The photo was photographed crooked so I think you would like to have a peek at this article on straightening photos taken like that.

Graham, that could be a great long-time project as it will surely take a while but digitizing your photos will allow you to also back them up for safekeeping. On your layout, I see that you used a different shadow setting for the papers and the leaves, and that is a great effect as the leaves would likely be a bit thicker than the papers, so that is very consistent! And yes, your tip of renaming layers as you go is a good one. I don’t mention it because I have to admit that I don’t take the time to do it (blush).

Inam, glad the latest instructions are clearer for you to use that new feature of the Text Wrapping.

C, you are working very fast! I think that either you skipped adding some of the shadows OR you posted an unshadowed version of the layouts (I do that sometimes).