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Inam, I wonder if you are not ending up with extra steps that cause issues. Here are the simplest instructions:

  1. Make a selection with the Selection tool
  2. Activate the Text tool by clicking on the T in the Tools

If you want to type in the text manually:

  1. Click inside the selection; it should give you that blinking cursor inside the selection
  2. Type in your text directly; it should stay inside the lines of the selection

If you want to retrieve the text from another document (Word, Notepad, etc.)

  1. Go to your document where you have the text
  2. highlight the text
  3. Copy it (Ctrl-C)
  4. come back to PSP and click inside your selection so you will have the blinking cursor
  5. paste (Ctrl-V) your text (the Edit menu won’t work for that, apparently which is why the keyboard shorcut is so useful)

From your description, it seems like maybe you didn’t highlight the text so it tried to copy the “page”. That popup window asking you questions should not happen at all. I can see why this was a struggle for you if you were bombarded with unexpected (and unwelcomed) popup you had no idea about!

Give this a try even on a blank image to test and see if it works better.