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Dorothy Donn
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Bootcamp Day 7 Continued:

After you comments about missing shadows, I went back and took a look at what I had done. I had made a very dumb mistake trusting the Coral Auto Preserve feature. I had done the shadows on everything and did one selection on a layer when the electricity did and up and down in the neighborhood.  Our computers did a nose dive.  After awhile we could see again and turned on our computers.  I opened PSP and then my file. It was gone! I then opened theAutopreserve fo;e and there it was, so I opened that one.  It looked identical to what I had been doing so I just continued on my merry way.

Then when I started my merged layer of Trixie with wall etc , this what I discovered.

It is not easy to clear away from two crooked pieces, but you will see they did have a drop shadow, just not where I thought I had placed it.

Please learn of using from the auto save to unhide all layers and check them carefully. I spent most of this evening using the selections and the delete tools. I tried to get the freehand selection to work but it must be different.

So here is my new final day 7 submission.