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Diana Craft
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<p style=”text-align: center;”>Final Assignment–
CONCENTRATION definately required</p>
Here is my final project, although I did not make a scrapbook page and I hope that is all right. As I was going thru old images for the “BEE Happy” layout I discovered this old, faded, cracked photo that I loved. It had gotten wet at one time and the backing came off causing it to crack and curl, but I resisted disposing off it because it is one of the few photos I had of my husband and me together since I was always the one taking the photos.

Since working with 2020 and Cassell I read a tutorial about the scratch removal tool. I had tried this very tool with no noticeable result. Seeing the video and finding out there was a special way it was used, sent me scurrying back to my pc to check it out. I had just cliked in the center of the image and expected the cracks to simply disapear, they didn’t. Everything is technique, isn’t it? I apologize for being so long-winded but I am so excited.

I am posting several pics, the original, cracks removed, image improved and my husband and I separated from the background and then inserted in a lovely country landscape.  My photo is saved and I have learned so much. The process was very time consuming since I had to learn a totally new process with many steps. I have made many tubes so this was the easiest part, The crack removel was amazing and although I couldn’t restore all of the image I am very pleased. Thanks to Cassell for the instruction and Corel for the loan of this fabulous program.

I will be sorry to see this bootcamp end, but hope to see many of you again in March (?).  Good-bye my friends!

Diana Craft aka PandorasHatBox