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Gerry Landreth
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I created the background, rectangle, and squares using the color picker to select colors in the photograph and the frame. The colors are a bit bland but it was an interesting exercise.

I tried using a drop shadow on the icon in the bottom left corner but the result was blurred. After trying different settings, I left it alone. I am grateful that there is a <Default> option to get me back to the start.

Before, I mentioned being confused about extraneous blank layers. They were being created when I deleted the content, not the layer. When I changed my mind on an element, I would hit the delete button which left a blank layer.

Now that I am more comfortable with the process, I will be revisiting the previous projects to practice, and hopefully, improve on them.

Thank you for an excellent workout at the Bootcamp. One of the best parts of this course is the real-time application and feedback. I look forward to more of the webinars that you have done. They are always informative and worth the time.