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cindy harris
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  • Junior

If from the beginning of this course I could of started with the settings you have. that make your desktop icons

but mines all messed up. Even thought about downloading it all over again just to retry to have a desktop like you, but when

i bought 2020 it said you get 3 downloads, in case you get another computer ect. But my not being able to follow touching my

desktop like yours WAS HORRIble still not good, easy 🙁 its just my settings.

I want to See a video of how you have set up your desktop then I could follow it and do what you say without hunting and

sweating and taking 5 hours a lesson. NOT YOUR Fault its just like the rectangle took me couple hours to find the long

square setting all I could do with the square is make big ones not even little onces those things are frustrating really

horrible. I cant wait to get in the next course and redo all these I want to get it right.