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Cyndi Roether
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Hi Cassel and everyone –

Here is my last project.  It took a while to get my internet to download the video so I could work on this.  It was interesting to make text fit an area and also to substitute an element for a letter.  I look forward to trying other 3D effects such as buttonize and find out what it and others do.  I still need to go back and take notes from the different days of the Boot Camp so I can remember the processes.  Cassel – I did get the inside frames to fill with solid colors on a fresh layout but have not gotten them to work going back to Project 4.  I changed the mode from color RBG or RBK (whatever) to None and it works on new projects but not yet on Project 4.  I may need to somehow delete the frames and create them again.  Thank you for all of your help.  I am not as afraid to ‘play’ now.