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Diana Craft
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Please forgive me if this is a duplicate, I misplaced my brain.

Finally, sorry  I’ve been so slow, oodles of Dr. Appointments this month that cut into my time.   Here is my BEE themed layout. This is one of my grandsons with his baby sister (now 13 years old.) I chose these as my subject because I wanted to pay them recognition for loving their little sister more than I have ever seen before.  I had seven brothers and they certainly didn’t think that way about me.  Their love and tenderness  toward her have never wavered over the years and I’m so proud of them.

LOL, Once I found this little bee everything fell together, I had my idea after wracking my brain for days.  But, I’m rather  pleased with this one and I want to send tthe sheet to her for her birthday next month.  I used some of my favorite themes for this, Pink, black+white stripes and ROSES.  I had the image of the little girl for many years in my collection so I tubed that to push the little sister idea.

I’m still struggling with the layers and I am determined to master them. It’s not as easy in PSP 7 because you can’t see your layers as in 2020. I’m trying to convince my husband that I really NEED this upgrade.  I’ll post my final project after a bit and you will see why I am so convinced ( I swore it wasn’t going to happen to me, but…)  I  have been having so much fun and spending so much time related to Cassell’s sites that I’m strung up tighter that piano strings, I’m so enthusiastic and excited about what I am learning.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU CASSELL, for allowing us access after our time regretfully ends. I love seeing everyone’s work and enjoy how much we all have improved.  To all our lurkers, “Don’t give up, keep working at it and you will be so pleased at the results.  I’ll be here for the next session and we’ll all be happy to meet you.”
January 23, 2020
Diana Craft