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Sorry again, this was posted last night but it didn’t show up. I suspect this is what might happen to some of you who don’t see your posts.

Dorothy, I think there are some missing shadows on some of your elements from Day 7, especially on the bottom ones. Is this possible? I will try to make more tutorials on using the Text tool as you seem to be only one of several participants who have struggled with it.

Aletha, that Day 7 project with your father’s photo is delightful. I love the background “paper” that you used as it is matching the theme very well!

Lydia, that project is so colorful! It catches my eye immediately! Glad to see that you were able to add the photo as a fill for the title. It goes very well with the rest. Happy that you like PSP and enjoyed the Bootcamp.

Gerry, no double post! But often, the SUBMIT button is sooooo slooooow! You are definitely getting comfortable with PSP now that you learn all those tricks! And yes, you can use just about anything to fill an area! Those frames are easy to make and it reminds you of several settings that you can now adjust more quickly as needed.

Henry, I have heard the expression “Football-widow” but now, you can invent “PSP-widow” 🙂 Do you think your wife would like to learn too? About your last project, I would have one suggestion: make sure that the text does not overlap two surfaces as it makes it harder to read and is not realistic (yes, I am picky about realism).

Lynn, you did a great job with the frame as I would not have noticed it was “redrawn”. I see you are using shadows on all your elements. I think they can easily be a bit larger, especially for the frame.

Cindy, what part of the settings seems to not work as you want? You can post that in the forum or send me an email. If PSP came with that manual, I would not have as many active participants to my Bootcamp! 😉 But you will see that it WILL get easier over time. On your layout, I think you might have selected the background when you copied the top rectangles, as it is also repeated at the bottom. Or maybe you merged once too many times? What are those images? Are they pictures of jewelry you or someone you know, made?

Karon, I didn’t know Eric still managed Kim’s kits. Where about?

Lyn, adorable layout for the sisters. I see that the photos are correctly sized and that makes them so enjoyable to look at. You are also quite consistent with your shadows.

Colleen, glad to see you back. Yes, that thing about the text on the wrong layer and hidden under something else, is something that I do on occasion, and I also get puzzled for a few seconds. That idea of layers is so ESSENTIAL in PSP. It is amazing to me if anyone ever worked with PSP without understanding that. It must be so frustrating.

Gwen, you are really getting the hang of it. Since the beads are places as if they could be threaded by the ribbon, that is when a larger shadow would give that consistency in size. Are those your photos or did you find those online too?

Lynn, if you are interested in “re-learning” all those effects and patterns and designs with PSP, there is the DIAMOND membership available. Let me know if that would interest you. I love that frame!

Shirley, welcome. Yes, you are a little late in the game, but you might still be able to catch up. Lovely dog in that picture. Did you create the frame yourself? If not, do you remember where you got it?