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Yay! I wasn’t able to post in the forum yesterday, but I cleared my cache & cookies, and I’m back.  🙂  So, this is what I wanted to post yesterday for my day 5 project.

Cassel & everyone,

Here is my day 5 project. I really liked this one too! I added another strip of paper, the dots, and I also added glitter around the blue paper. I know it’s a little busy, but since it’s about my niece, who was 7 at the time, the more color & glitter, the better.  🙂 I’m still liking the shadows I’m using, but I know I need to play around with them more.

Thank you for what to do with the text, that helps so much! Also, speaking of the text and also layers – when I was adding the title of Excitement, my text wasn’t showing up, even though I did everything you said. I finally realized that I was on a different layer, the base paper, so the text was actually underneath the striped paper. Before learning about the layers, I would never have figured that out. So, I think I’m really getting the hang of moving layers around. And now making sure I’m on the right layer when adding my text.

This was fun! I do think my eyes are playing tricks on me though, because the papers are looking a little uneven. I think it’s because of the stripes. Anyway, I still like it.  🙂

P.S. I just realized that all my pics so far in these projects have been from 2017. I swear I have newer pics…haha…but these were all on my computer, instead of just using my phone. I’ll need to pick more recent pics for the next couple of projects.

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