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Leslie Gifford Cook
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Fellow Bootcampers -I really liked this set of tutorials.  I’ve had the software for over 4 years and never learned how to use it.  I’m sure there are many things to still learn, but now I can get started and do what I have wanted to do all along.  Thanks Cassel for these videos and your great ideas.  As for what I learned – all of it.  I couldn’t quite get my head around the layers piece; was having trouble with the text functionality (not sure I’m clicking on the “accept” button); I like the drop shadowing……  all of it.

I have pictures from two recent trips (over the past two years) that I have yet to do anything with.  Now I have my projects set out for me.  I also want to create a pictorial inventory of my turned wood products.  I expect there will be at least two versions – “inventory” pics and “items for sale” pics.  Now I can make them look much more professional.

Thanks Cassel