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Cindy, practice helps so if you want to redo previous lessons, you are welcome to do so. Some members are repeating the whole Bootcamp more than once as they say they keep learning something every time, and also, it helps make the steps more automatic for you, even if you use different photos, different supplies, different commands. To answer your question, the “next step” would likely be the Basic Scrap Course, which will have suggested free supplies, but you can always use any other supplies. That course includes 5 projects (and 5 additional mini-tutorials).

L (how would you like me to call you?), welcome to the Bootcamp. You might be starting a bit late, but if you have already used PSP before, you might be able to still catch up. It looks like you are getting back quick nicely into it! Looking forward to your other projects.

Helen, it is great to meet your family through all those projects. May I offer a little suggestion? It might be just me, but when you are putting a frame so close to the edge of the page and it is cut off, it seems “incomplete”. Maybe it is just my need to have something “complete”?

Lydia, glad that the flood-fill issue is addressed. Something you will remember next time it seems to misbehave!

Leslie, all Christmas related photos don’t need to have Christmas color layouts. I really love seeing those wood projects of yours. Glad that you found useful tricks with the Merge function. For the text, remember that you can (should) duplicate the vector before converting to raster, just in case you change your mind and don’t want to start from scratch.

Nancy, the match in color would start with the color management, but also you need to have your monitor calibrated correctly AND each printer has its own profile. It is not always easy to have exactly the same thing on both. I have had that happened at work when I was doing some graphics work to be sent to a professional print shop and they insisted it was the same color (hex code) yet, it didn’t look the same at all!

Karon, that kit is fantastic. I love Kimeric’s style. Too bad it is no longer available 🙁

Liese, with practice, you will feel more and more comfortable with the steps, the commands and the tools, and will be faster to pick and use them. I think the layout you posted might be missing the shadows. Maybe you posted the wrong version?

Jnet, it is a fun idea to rotate the squares. It gives a unique result! As for the code, don’t worry’ it was easy to fix on my end: it looks like you had copied the “text” code into the “visual” editor.

Peggy, it is so fun to have all those photos at the same age! As for other tutorials in the Campus, oh yes, there are hundreds in the Creative Scrap section that you have access to.

Sally, if you want the glitters (or any other pattern) to be saved and accessible later, you just save the .jpg file in the Patterns folder. It is that simple. The pattern cannot be added to the Swatches as those are simply a “collection” of existing patterns/colors/gradients that you want to use often, but they will be in the Patterns tab of the Materials properties window anyways. For your project, I love the idea of the larger image as it fit better and it looks like you also resized the photos correctly: no distortion.