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Leslie, you are right; the shadows are really making those leaves stand out. Next time you use an element several times, you can slightly rotate them so it can give some “variation” to them. But make sure you do those rotations BEFORE adding shadows otherwise, it will make the shadows look odd. You are really making great pages, but also great woodturning projects!

Colleen, you read my mind; I surely would have mentioned the string under the photo, but to address the fact that your photo was small, you know that you can size down the string too! Even the beads could be sized down to seem more like “seed beads”. But it is interesting that you are now thinking about your layering, which is a good habit to learn. On your Christmas layout, I agree that larger shadows are very suitable for those elements, and you kept the smaller shadows for the papers. You are really getting to understand the effects of shadows and not just setting them at random. And for the Candies, you could probably have gone even larger than that too! 🙂 And yes, you will keep access to those tutorials after the Bootcamp.

Inam, glad that you are able to edit your text instead of starting over again! And typically, to contact me, that yellow tab on the right should work. Are you getting an error when you use that? If that does not work, you can always reply to any of my emails, or send me an email directly. Everything comes in the same inbox and I will be happy to answer.

Colleen, for the text to edit, if you select the Text tool, then, double-click on the text, it should get the blinking cursor to appear. This requires you to click on an actual pixel of the text, so if you click in-between characters, it might not work. One way to help is to “aim” at a thicker character or even to zoom in.

Gerry, glad to see your projects. You are using a great background paper. Is that a kit you used? For the extra blank layers, maybe they were not really blank? Various commands and tools might generate blank (or seemingly blank) layers, however, it is hard to know which one caused it not knowing your workflow. Next time it happens, take a screenshot of the Layers palette and post it. It might give me some hints. As for the arrow-keys, it will work under 2 conditions: the Move tool has to be active AND you have to have clicked back on the image (even the title bar) so it put the focus back on the image.

Peggy, using a photo as a background is a great idea! Yes, picking photos and supplies can sometimes be the longest part of creating a project!

Cyndi, your strategy to make a longer chain without making it thicker is excellent! For the photo frames, the issue is common: it is because the Fill tool has a setting called Match Mode, and it is probably set to something other than None. This means it will try to fill only on some sections. Make sure it is set to None, and it will ignore any color of the image itself.

Henry, I am glad to read that you are feeling more comfortable. That is the main goal of this Bootcamp!

Sally, when you save in .gif format, you might lose some colors. If you create your own elements without a background, you are better to save in .png format instead.

Tomorrow, you will get your last project tutorial. It will only need one photo, so it might be a bit easier. But you will still have time to catch up if you had to take time off or if you started late.