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Sue Thomas
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I had to use some of the old grey matter on the framing, I could see in my mind what I wanted to create, after a little thought it all came together. I used the one photo, creating two different sized frames (gold) using the selection tool. on separate layers. Selected the gold frames, expand, on a new layers.(4 frames on separate layers, 4 drop shadows on separate layers) Used the eraser tool, to erase some of the frames, and the selection tool to remove the rest of the photo. Mask and blend mode on the left butterfly, original photo for the background, blur, opacity, and texture. Roll on Spring and Summer! We are having wind chills of -52c, now that is a bit chilly.  🙂   We haven’t had the quantity of snow that was dumped on Newfoundland though. I can give more detailed instructions if anyone is interested.