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Cyndi Roether
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Hi Cassel –

I had some fun and some problems with Project 4;  It was fun to play with several different things such as the Owl and chain; to get it to span the full length of the page without making it huge I copied just the chain 2x and pasted them then copied the owl with a little chain and pasted it; then I needed to resize all of them to about 90%, align them and group their layers.  Hopefully I did this correctly so that it looks like all one chain.

I have a problem with the photo frames – they will not fill as solids!  Each of the frames has holes in it and I needed to click on the fill several times in different places to get them as solid as they are.   I imagine there is a setting that is off somewhere but I tried to look to be sure I didn’t have any texture or pattern set.  Please help.