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Hi everone,

Thank you, Cassel, for the tip on using a different zip program. Btw, I heard back from WinZip and they think some program or setting on my computer is automatically upgrading my WinZip, even though I didn’t request it. I’m still going back & forth on how to get it fixed. But in the meantime, I’m using a different free program, so I’m back in business.  🙂

So, here is my day 3 project. I know that the string is on top of the paper, but under the pic. I preferred it that way because of the pic being so small. (I wasn’t able to get the pic to a larger size, which I knew, but I still wanted to use it.)

Also, I like having more of a drop shadow, so instead of 10, I used 20 and I like that effect.  🙂