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Gwen, those pictures are lovely. Are those your furry friends?

Nancy, let me know if you hear from Corel about that odd issue.

Inam, it is possible that you sent it by email? Since we get notifications when there is a new post, it is almost a reflex to reply to it instead of coming to the forum. Could that be the issue? At least, you noticed and reposted, and it is worth it. The shadows really give a 3D effect on your papers and photos. You can also add more prominent shadows on the flowers. You seemed to have fun with the multicolored title of your Day 6 project!

Leslie, creating some continuity is a great idea when you plan to have several pages on a single general topic. Yes, the shadows really add to the montage. You can be even more generous on the shadows for the flower. As for the shortcuts, don’t worry: you will remember those you actually need and use often. In more advanced classes, there is a technique to tweak the shadows to make the leaves look like they are “flipping” up a little on the tip. But for the Bootcamp, we stick to basics!

Jnet, those are fun photos. Did you take them?

Dorothy, that is a good idea to use a gradient. In fact, it is like making your own papers! Your photos could probably use some shadows to “pop” more. Those photos are fun to look at.

Cindy, for your Fall day project, did you resize the image using the corner handle? the bottom right photo looks a bit distorted. You added great shadows to several elements. I think you might have forgotten the ones on the papers, but your progress are noticeable! Keep it up, you are definitely determined!

Lydia, that bee theme was perfect for that story!! Fun, fun, fun. I am not understanding what you are mentioning about the Eraser tool. What is it doing?

Karon, those photos made me giggle; it is really a playroom!!!

Aletha, it looks like you are getting more and more comfortable with those projects and the use of shadows. Fun photos.