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Cindy, thank you for the screenshots. This shows exactly what is happening, and I can show you how to solve the most of your workspace issues.

First, as indicated by the pink arrow, you might want to close the Effects palette, as we don’t use it during the Bootcamp and it will take up space unnecessarily. Then, as indicated by the red arrow, you need to hover over that tab on the side to get the palette open. You have it set as auto-hide, which is exactly what it does: it hides back when you don’t “use” it. So, click on it to open it.

Then, when it is open, click on the little pushpin, to “pin” it to your workspace and remove the auto-hide.

To make more room to work, for now, close the Organizer too.

Now, several of your palettes and toolbars are floating, which means they are overlapping each other and hiding some commands you are looking for. The Tools Options toolbar should be docked. Double-click on the “title” of that toolbar and it should snap into place, somewhere.

This will allow you to see the tools underneath, including the Text tool that you have a hard time using.

If you want the Tools toolbar on the left like mine, grab the end here, and drag it downward and then, to the left of your workspace. Then, double-click on it. Typically, it will snap in place on that edge. If it does not work, try it again and move it a bit lower on the left edge.

Try that and let me know how things are after.

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