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Liese, I am not sure what you mean by “filing and retrieving”. Are you referring to organizing your supplies? If so, I guess it depends on what kinds of supplies you have. Knowing that, I could find a way to make a tutorial. To make a screenshot, you simply click the PrintScreen button on your keyboard, then go to your PSP and go Edit>Paste>Paste as a new image or Ctrl-Shift-V. There is also a screenshot feature inside of PSP, but it is not as intuitive. For the text issue, maybe you have created two separate “pieces” of text that ended up in the same vector layer, and when you convert the duplicate to raster, it keeps them together and you can’t manipulate them separately. That is why I always prefer to reactivate a raster layer before adding another line of text or such. That way, they stay completely separate. That is my own little trick. On Lemon’s layout, I see a black line beside the text. Is that on the layout or just on the display?

Colleen, glad to have you back. You got my message about the unzip utility. If anyone has issues with WinZip, there are other utilities that are free, including 7-zip, so there is always a way around it. Just ask!

Aletha, my old eyes seem to read GRATEĀ  instead of GREAT. That is what it looked like. But I might be wrong as it is small on my monitor (but you posted it the correct size, so you did nothing wrong as far as posting).

Lydia, I read later that you fixed the Text issue you had. Glad you figured it out.

Karon, sad to hear that this tool has changed. I had it listed on my conversion tools. I guess I’ll have to update my article. In fact, both tools I knew of are now replaced by Calligraphr. That is really too bad!

Leslie, welcome back. It is quite annoying when technical issues get in the way of our projects! Glad to see you use that first photo you had posted. Looking forward to you catching up!

Trudie, sometimes, that is the longest part: finding what to use! You seem to have a good grasp of the shadows in that layout. Good work.

Henry, for the shadows, sometimes, to soften the end result, you can play with the Blur setting and the Opacity setting. Even though there are some “common” settings, you should always adjust based on the size and the color of the elements you want to shadow and the background too. There is no “one size fits all” in shadows.

Lyn, yes, sometimes, it does not take much to make a big difference in a layout. I have been looking at layouts for 15 years so some of the details really catch my eye. I even see experienced scrapbookers make some “rookie” mistakes like layering or shadowing. It takes time and practice, but you’ll get there! and your next layout is lovely. Yes, digital scrapbooking is so much more flexible with no waste!

Nancy, I thought sloths were not that friendly with those huge claws!? I love that layout and the bright colors! As for the issue you have with opening several files, I am a bit puzzled because I don’t remember seeing that error, so it is not a 2020 issue per see. Are you able to open several files in other programs (like Word)?

Diana, thank you for the link. I might just add that to the Resources page of the site.

I am really happy to see your work. You are all very determined and won’t be stopped by obstacles. I see that you are all learning new tricks, even through mistakes, and that is wonderful (not the mistakes but the learning). Tomorrow, you will get your next project. It will also be using 3 photos, so check out what you have. A new project means new tips, new supplies, and more fun!