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Diana Craft
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Hello everyone, and hello Cassell…Thank you for your sweet encouragement, it is such a pleasure to be amoung all of you cheerful, pleasant people who are so anxious to learn new things, it does the heart good.  I just wanted to drop in and let you all know of a fabulous, FREE site I found at they have literally hundreds (or more) of the most fabulous PNG files and they are happy to share, more good people.  I am trying not to be greedy…BUT, I’m already planning on going back. (SLAP! Bad Diana, LOL) They would be a great resource using PSP for making your own…STUFF! Enjoy!

Oh, BTW I corrected the size of the text of my golfer’s layout, it didn’t look that small until I really looked and printed it out for my Husband.

Group Hug,

Diana, aka PandorasHatBox